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ABAC LN Silent: The sound of silence!

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Comfort and reliability at your fingertips

The LN SILENT ranges perfectly embody ABAC Air Compressors way to do things: always committed to accomplishing customers’ needs.

Are you looking for a reliable partner dedicated to high-grade welding sessions, high pressure cleaning tasks or heavy paint spraying jobs? Please take a seat, you are in the right place: this range of stationary piston air compressors can help you in fulfilling the most demanding aims. Regardless whether your field of application is a semi-professional, professional or industrial one, with ABAC LN SILENT air compressors you are choosing to rely on sound-efficient, high performance machines. New, multiple configurations make these stationary air compressors series proficient when it comes to both intensive and light, repeated uses.

Noise reduction

Low speed pumps, optimized air flow and integrated air buffer to avoid air pulsation in the vessel.

High performances

Twin stage technology introduction to provide higher volumetric efficiency than single stage.

Extra reliability

Optimized cooling air flow and less wear of pump components because of low RPM pumps.

What makes the new LN SILENT your best option?

The LN SILENT series are designed for those seeking flexible and easy-to-use solutions without overlooking power and efficiency. The new canopy relies on the synergy of a metal layer and thick insulating foam, ruling against noise. In other words, you can freely decide to place the air compressor wherever is practical and don’t need to make a space fully dedicated to it. 

LN SILENT powerful pump(s) – up to 15 bars of pressure – and core elements are enclosed, yet easily reachable thanks to the smartly designed canopy. The complete opening allows quick maintenance operations and results in effective interventions. Moreover, routine setups and configurations can be handily sorted out through the insightfully organized, external panel control.

Canopy S0

2-3 HP

Integrated vessel 27l

  • Use-friendly, easy to use interface: Control panel with pressure regulator, pressure gauges (tank pressure and working pressure) and hour counter 
  • Lower noise level: Cooling air flow optimized to reduce noise 
  • Easy to use: Double air outlet with quick connections integrated in the canopy 
  • More air in a compact design: Integrated air tank 27l 

Canopy S1

3-5,5 HP

Base and tank mount, DOL

  • Higher performance, easy to service: Air filter in cool and easy accessible area 
  • Lower noise level: Noise insulating foam on all canopy panels 
  • Reliability in any conditions: Efficient cooling system using large flywheel 
  • Easy to read: Pressure gauge on the front panel, at ergonomic level 

Canopy S2

5,5-10 HP

Integrated cubicle, dryer, cooling fan, DOL and YD

  • Control with hour counter, pressure gaugeand light indicators: Power ON/OFF, Load / Unload, Overload alarm, SBE emergency 
  • Lower noise level: Noise insulating foam on all canopy panels 
  • Optimal working temperature in circumstances, independently from air consumption: Dedicated ventilation fan for better cooling. It is controlled by thermostat, so can run when main motor is OFF 
  • Easy access to cubicle and motor: Hinged cubicle

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