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Increased performance, reduced energy consumption. Yet, still the same legendary reliability.

Comfort at work is essential. For this reason, ABAC has developed a compact screw compressor with significantly lower noise levels, allowing you to install it close to the point of use. Easy to use, high performance levels and simple to maintain: the SPINN is ideal for a wide variety of installation environments including metalworking, woodworking, stone working and sandblasting.

All applications handled with ease due to the efficient and reliable screw air compressor.

The genuine benefits of screw air compressors

If you are still undecided about whether to invest in piston or screw compression technology for your business, our SPINN 2.2-7.5 offers enormous benefits in a smaller working environment. Both noise and air quality are vastly improved thanks to its unique rotary screw technology.

Sustained and continuous working

Can be used continuously throughout the day

A higher level of air quality

Helps to protect your pneumatic tools

Reduced power consumption

Advanced compression technology

A quieter workplace

Produces only 61 to 68 dB(A)

SPINN 2.2-7.5 offers significantly improved performance against other brands in the marketplace. Its renowned yet further improved reliability confirms this Oil Injected Screw platform as the perfect partner for intermittent duty cycle applications. Needless to say, professionals as well as manufacturing businesses can rely on SPINN when it comes to higher usage or non-continuous running conditions too. A plug-and-play approach goes hand in hand with easy to use functional control, offering smart support even in challenging environments where ambient temperatures can reach up to 46 °C. The ABAC SPINN range not only provides excellent savings on installation and piping costs, but it is also compact in design and efficient in energy consumption.

Improved performance

The all new air-end delivers high performance and low energy consumption. An automated, quality-controlled assembly process ensures reduced noise and vibration levels, even at higher rotational speeds.

Highly efficient

New IE3 motors with 100% duty cycle and IP55 protection significantly improve performance. The combination of the latest screw air-end and high efficiency motor, coupled with the reliable vertical belt transmission, helps to achieve remarkable performance for this power range.

Designed with the environment in mind

The new, eco-friendly R513A refrigerant gas delivers -55% GWP (Global Warming Potential).The low-pressure drop inside the dryer and receiver reduces the dryer’s load, therefore significantly cutting power consumption.

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