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DIY/Contractor Series

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    At ABAC, we understand that compressed air has a wide and varied range of applications. We also understand  compressed air cannot substitute one’s spark and passion in doing what they love but it can lead to a more successful and stress-free experience. Introducing our DIY Series, perfect for hobbyist, DIY-enthusiasts, and everyone in between. With a simplistic designed machine, you will be able to perform tasks in your garage, garden, or home studio. The DIY Series of products aim to provide you with compact, light, and portable piston compressors for even your most demanding projects​.


Easy to Move Around the House, Garage or Job Site.


An Air Compressor for All Your DIY Projects.


Powerful & Easy to Operate Designs.

Compact Design

Easy Mobility & Portable Design.

Professional DIY/Contractor

    Designed with more intense projects in mind, the Twin Force and Power Force combine mobility and elite performance to help you get the job done. Tackle projects such as building a fence, installing drywall or making repairs around the house, with the freedom of owning your own plug-in-play ABAC air compressor.

Twin Force zoomed in view

Twin Force

Designed with a solid cast iron cylinder, maximum pressure regulator and oil lubricated pump, durability and performance is a top priority. The Twin Force provides you with compact, light and easy-to-carry piston compressors that effortlessly supplies dependable compressed air. Built to last and designed to withstand even the toughest jobs, ABAC Twin Force has your back. 

  • Portable, Compact Design
  • Cast-Iron Cylinder
  • User-Friendly Operation
Power Force zoomed in view

Power Force

ABAC's Power Force air compressor features a low-profile, compact pancake design for maximum stability and durability. Constructed with durable components and a powerful, yet easy to use design, the Power Force compressor is perfect for even the most complicated projects.

  • Pancake Style Tank 
  • Oil-Free Operations
  • Portable, Light-Weight Design 

At-Home DIY

    Designed for at-home and do-it-yourself projects, the Suitcase, XPN Flex, and Silent Roll Cage are the perfect addition to any home, garage or workshop. With the ability to be plugged into a standard home wall outlet, the opportunity for do-it-yourself projects are endless! 

ABAC Suitcase- Angled


Lightweight design featuring an enclosed pump, maximized portability and enhanced safety. The Suitcase also has a built-in compartment that comes with a 16 ft. air hose and quick disconnect connector.The Suitcase model is perfect for occasional or intermittent use and ideal for applications such as inflating, blowing, cleaning, airbrushing stapling, simple painting, nailing and much more. 

  • Light & Easy To Carry 
  • User-Friendly
  • Built-In Storage Compartment Accompanied By 16-inch Air Hose
  • Pressure Regulator
ABAC Roll Cage zoomed in view

Roll Cage

Operating at only 62 decibels, this silent unit is ideal for a variety of applications without compromising efficiency levels. Accompanied by a two gallon tank, this high performance machine will boost productivity and stand strong against even your most demanding projects. 

  • Silent Unit
  • Ergonomic, Portable Design 
  • User-Friendly Operations 
  • Pressure Regulator
XPN flex diy series

XPN Flex

 The XPN features a one-of-a-kind wall mount allowing for increased workspace, built-in 23 ft. hose reel as well as a quick disconnect connector. The XPN also contains a convenient handle for easy mobility and 10-piece inflation kit.

  • Wall-Mount Capability 
  • Built-in Hose Reel 
  • Oil-Free Operations
  • 10 Piece Inflation Kit Included