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PRO Series

For advanced user-friendliness and maximum performance and comfort.
These ranges suit all possible professional applications, starting with direct driven compressors going up to two stage units with tankmounted dryers.

ABAC - PRO pole position O20P O20P - Oilless Direct Driven Compressor
Performant and oilless, the O20P range combines more power with more features.
ABAC - PRO pole position L30P L25P - L30P - Oil Lubricated Direct Driven Compressors
Professional and compact performance with extra user-friendly benefits.
ABAC - PRO SPECIAL portable Rollcage L25P Special Configurations of Oilless and Lubricated Direct Driven Compressors
More specific needs require more specific configurations.
ABAC - PRO V V30 hockenhiem V - High Performance Oil Lubricated Direct Driven Compressors
Most performant compressors in the direct driven portfolio.
PRO A29B 90 CM2 A29B PRO - One Stage Belt Driven Compressors
The A29B PRO range offers more user friendliness and lower operating temperatures.
A39 A200 CT3 V400 A39 PRO - One Stage Belt Driven Compressors
Reliable power and performance in combination with user friendly features.
PRO B4900 200 CT4 PRO B4900-7000 - Two Stage Belt Driven Compressors
A double compression providing bigger flows and higher pressure.

PRO B6000 500 CT5,5 PRO Slow Speed
Standard running 2 stage belt driven compressors running at lower speed.

B4900 270 FT4 FFO Full Feature Open - Two Stage Compressors With Tankmounted Dryer
An all-in-one range of 4 to 10hp professional piston compressors.
PRO A39B 150 VM3 Vertical PRO - One and Two Stage Belt Driven Compressors
Vertical air receiver compressors provide a space saving solution in the workshop.
PRO BV8900 900 FT20 PRO High Flow BV - Two Stage Belt Driven Compressors
High performance four cylinder V pump power.
B7000 500 15bar 15 bar PRO - Two Stage High Pressure Belt Driven Compressors
Suitable for high pressure applications.
ABAC - PRO CA2 500 FT10 PRO Cast-iron
Top quality compressors with fully cast iron pumps, low noise and long lifetime for heavy duty applications

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